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"Instructions For Going to the Sueyoshi Park"


For simplicity's sake, I will just cover one route. There are three parking areas where you can park depending on your physical ability and what you desire to see. Depending on where you park, you will get some good exercise. I will name the parking areas on the map as Parking A, B, & C. Parking A is the first parking spot you will run into. Of the three, I rate this as medium in terms of walking distance. Park at Parking A if you wish to by-pass the Forest Park section. Parking B is what I call the 'Indiana Jones Route'. You will do the most walking here. I recommend this route if you wish to kill two birds with one stone. If you are going to see the Sueyoshi Shrine you will have to pass through the Forest Park section from Parking B. Parking C is right behind the Shrine itself, however, it may be the most difficult to find by car. I have made the route on the map. Study it well and hopefully you can find it.

  1. Go south on 58. Once you past Camp Kinser make sure you stay in the left hand most lane.
  2. IMPORTANT. Not far from Camp Kinser you will notice that Highway 58 will continue along a bridge and that there is a road that veers off to the left and parallels the bridge. DO NOT GO ON THE BRIDGE. Stay to the left of the bridge and stay in the left hand most lane.
  3. About 1km you will see Highway 82. Make a left going east.
  4. As you are going on the 82 you will see the Monorail join and parallel you above. At some point you will be going up a very noticeable steep hill (The Monorail will still be along the 82 above you). This hill is your que to be in the left hand lane.
  5. Halfway up the hill, look for a Lawson Convenient Store to the left. About 500 meters from here is the turn off to the left into Parking A. You have to take it slow cause the turn-off isn't immediately apparent. Look for a 'log looking' cement rail to the left. At the end of the rail is the turn-off into Parking A.
  6. (For parking B only). Continue from Step 5 and continue up the hill on the 82. On the next traffic light will be a major intersection. You have to turn left at this light. This is Highway 241. OKAY, Once you turn left here, about 500m is where you turn-off to Parking B. Click on the the Green Thumbtack on the map for Parking B to get an idea what to look for. If you are not careful you will pass right by it.
  7. (For Parking C only). Continue from Step 6. Instead of turning into Parking B continue along the 241 and at the next traffic light turn left. Now you will be briefly on Highway 153. Now study the map carefully. You will take another left about 200 meters later. There is a weird 4-way juncture in the road up ahead. Instead of following the road to a hard right or straight you have to veer off to the left. Follow this road straight ahead. About ¾ of the way look for the landmark on the map to the left. There is no real designated parking area, just the road.   


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